My Big Why

Why do I do this, every day?

I do it to accumulate the tools ($, knowledge, network) to effect massive change for those around me. BOLD taught me that the purpose of business is to fund the perfect life, and that is my primary goal…to work every day and strive to achieve my version of the perfect life.

My family-So that we do not have to grow up with a scarcity mindset. Financial insecurity is one of the biggest fears/obstacles/excuses people use to not pursue dreams. I will be able to leverage my “tools” to remove those fears and lead others to live a big life without fear. To do this, I must first do it myself. I want to allow my wife and children to chase dreams with no fear, only hope and excitement.

My Clients-I believe that every client, large or small, deserves respect, integrity, service, and appreciation/gratitude. The way I was running my business took the priority off of the client and placed it onto the numbers. The numbers are important, but not the end all. I would rather serve fewer clients at a much higher level than serve more clients and not hold up my end of the bargain. I will create and draft a “promise” to my clients that I will work to uphold. By providing the highest level of service that I can, the numbers will take care of themselves. Quality over quantity. Worry about the quality and the quantity will follow.

My Friends-By empowering my sphere to grow past their false ceilings, I will grow my own core group and business beyond anything imaginable. I intend to pour into others, after I have poured into myself, to help them grow as humans, partners to their loved ones, parents to their children, and assets to their employers/employees.

My Business-I will have a BIG business. Big Big Big. Not for the sake of having a big business, but to effect change in others, to lead and be led, to learn and grow, to push myself, to keep ignited the competitive and passionate fire that I have allowed to be nearly snuffed out. I will show that through hard work, a mastery based approach, and attitude, there are no limits.

My Causes-I will give freely to the causes and organizations that I believe in. Not for recognition, but to fuel their own personal vehicles of change, guidance, giving, and passion. By investing in causes that are important to me, I will keep myself invested in the WHY of those causes, and how they affect me.

My Legacy-I will use the tools I accumulate to fund other’s dreams/causes. The ability to help other’s people fund their perfect life is a goal of mine. I grow by helping others grow.